Face Restoration

Otesaly Derm Line dermal filler can help to restore a healthy youthful appearance by filling lines and wrinkles.

Otesaly Derm Line

Fill Lines and wrinkles and provides the skin with a refined result.

Provide nature volumization, restoring age related volume loss.

Provide facial dynamism

Derm line 1ml / 2ml

Face Enhancement

Otesaly Deep Line and Deep Line with Lidocaine dermal filler can help to replace the lost fullness and volume due to aging.

The unique characteristics of Otesaly dermal filler offer versatile solutions to address your individual needs in a number of areas of the face.

Otesaly Deep Line / Deep Line with Lidocaine

Fill lines and wrinkles, providing more support and structure to the skin.

Providing the lift and structure to the facial contours through high lifting capabilities with a defined result